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Icon’s activation fee offsets the costs of maintaining and optimizing our technology and supporting future service developments to provide a seamless, hassle-free parking experience for our customers.

This feature is currently only available through the Icon Go mobile app. To request your vehicle for pickup through the app:

  • Under the menu, go to Monthly Account and select Show Account

  • Select Request My Vehicle

  • In the top-right corner select the plus icon ( + ) to submit a new request

  • Enter your requested date first and then the requested time.

  • Please note: Date/Time requests are made in 15 minute intervals and at a minimum, new requests must be made 15 minutes in the future.

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Yes – please select the Delete Account option in the IconGo Menu. Deleting your account will delete your IconGo App account, and any personal data relating to the IconGo App. Information that is required to be maintained such as financial information will be retained by Icon.

If you choose to delete your iconGO Mobile App Account and want to forego your personal access to instant navigation directions, simple book & pay daily reservations, monthly account management, special offers, and all Icon Parking benefits, you may simply select the Delete Account option in the iconGo Menu. By deleting your iconGo Mobile App account your account will be deleted, and any personal historical data relating to the iconGo App that are required to be maintained such as financial/transactional information will be retained by Icon Parking Holdings, LLC.

The activation fee is a one-time charge for the account set-up, access tag, individual account, administrative access, secure billing connectivity, and service from the start date for the duration of the agreement at your current garage location.