You might be thinking, “Just how innovative can a parking garage experience be?” The answer? Quite a bit! Icon Parking’s mobile app and nearly 200 locations around New York City offer seamless access to secure parking spaces wherever you are, whenever you need it — but that’s just the start. Learn about the tech, touches, and services we’ve added to our locations to make it easier than ever to experience the best of New York.

EV Charging

Did you know that drivers spend 17 hours each year on average looking for a parking spot? That number can be even higher for electric vehicle owners, but with our network of EV charging stations in New York City, you can spend less time searching and more time on the important things.

Get convenient access to EV charging stations where you live, work, and play. Our extensive EV charging network includes over 60 Icon Parking locations in the city. Each of these 60 locations is equipped with Tesla chargers, while 50 locations also include universal chargers for all kinds of EVs. Find a charging location near you here.

Our App

Our app makes it easy to book, pay, and play like a VIP. Use the map to find the closest garages to your exact location (don’t worry, we’ve got nearly 200 in the city, so one is bound to be close), then compare and find the perfect one for the time you need. Reserve your spot in the app and pay with your credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, then get directions right to your selected garage. Next, simply pull up, and we’ll handle the rest. Our team will park your car for you so you don’t waste time searching for a spot, and when you’re ready to go, you can request your vehicle right on the app. Need a bit more time? You can extend your reservation on it too.

The app also comes with built-in bonuses you can’t find anywhere else. Get alerted to unique coupons and promotions, plus direct booking discounts and referral bonuses. You’ll also receive account credits, so the more you park, the more you save! Favorite your most-used locations, and we’ll save all your details securely to make each visit a breeze. Download the app from the App Store or on Google Play.

Monthly Memberships & Auto Pay

Monthly parking with Icon brings a whole host of benefits that takes your parking experience to the next level. With competitive monthly rates and so many great locations around the city, you’ll receive the following benefits as a monthly customer:

  • Unlimited in/out privileges
  • Online and text message vehicle request service at most locations
  • Access to online account management

Another perk of monthly parking is autopay. Link your credit card, commuter benefits card, or checking or savings account, and we’ll take care of the rest. Splitting payments between cards is easy, and you can set a maximum to be charged to the primary card, with the remainder of the payment charged to the secondary card. Any garage, as often as you need, all for one monthly fee that’s easily taken care of — it’s all part of one seamless experience. Learn more about autopay here.

Innovation in Ownership

In July 2023, Icon Parking was certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the New York and New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, making us the largest parking and transportation services company in the country to secure the official certified MBE designation. This designation reflects and amplifies our diverse workforce, representing team members from 30 countries, with 95% from underrepresented communities. An MBE designation also opens doors for Icon to access top corporate purchasing agents, technology programs, consulting services, and more, allowing us to deliver the best service and experience to you.

Fast, convenient, safe, and reliable, Icon Parking is the easy choice for stress-free parking in New York City. View our specials and offers to make the most of your time and enjoy the best of the city.

Yes – please select the Delete Account option in the IconGo Menu. Deleting your account will delete your IconGo App account, and any personal data relating to the IconGo App. Information that is required to be maintained such as financial information will be retained by Icon.

If you choose to delete your iconGO Mobile App Account and want to forego your personal access to instant navigation directions, simple book & pay daily reservations, monthly account management, special offers, and all Icon Parking benefits, you may simply select the Delete Account option in the iconGo Menu. By deleting your iconGo Mobile App account your account will be deleted, and any personal historical data relating to the iconGo App that are required to be maintained such as financial/transactional information will be retained by Icon Parking Holdings, LLC.

The activation fee is a one-time charge for the account set-up, access tag, individual account, administrative access, secure billing connectivity, and service from the start date for the duration of the agreement at your current garage location.

monthly parking solution





New York City makes up two-fifths of the state’s population. Even before the pandemic, finding parking was a challenge. In light of COVID-19 regulations, it is important to understand how parking will be affected.

Alternate Side Parking

Alternate Side Parking (ASP) refers to the closing of the street to permit cleaning. You can only park in these zones when the ASP is in effect. The rule is usually suspended during public holidays and on special occasions.

The pandemic has compelled local authorities to come up with additional regulations. When ASP is in effect, the barriers must allow for cars to maneuver around them. Such contactless solutions are to be implemented in all sanitized parking lots.

Outdoor Dining is Permanent

After reopening, NYC has been struggling to reintroduce indoor dining. Meanwhile, it extended the program to allow the restaurant to expand into sidewalks and parking spots. Many car owners have been turning to a monthly parking solution because of shortages of spaces.

To make it easier for restaurants to get permits for outdoor dining, the city made the program permanent. Car owners can expect their parking plans to be affected by the changing regulation. In such instances, a more viable solution is guaranteed parking.

Provisions for Sports and Recreation

Meetings for religious or social reasons are restricted to 50 people, and the room should be at a third capacity. The city has relaxed some of its sports and physical games restrictions. Low-risk recreational activities such as visiting museums and botanical gardens are allowed within social distancing rules.

One of the challenges of finding a parking spot is the changing rules necessitated by how the pandemic is progressing. You can keep track of sections of the city that have been closed by referring to the NYC street portal.

The Three COVID Zones

NYC has created three different zones, which will dictate the level of restrictions in that area. Red zones have the highest level of concern, and most restaurants, schools, and public parking remain closed. Orange zones have moderate regulations, but there are still strict rules for high-risk businesses.

Most of Manhattan is a yellow zone that allows for public spaces to be open with some restrictions. However, you may want to confirm your zone if you want to find a reliable sport to park. If you are in a red zone, the best choice would be a monthly parking solution.

Open Streets and NYC Safe Parking

Besides the Alternate Side Parking program, Open Streets is another program by the city created to facilitate movement. The goal is to allow pedestrians and cyclists to use the road freely while still upholding social distancing rules.

The program runs from eight in the morning to eight at night. You can track the areas where it is in effect through the open street page. That way, you can determine when you need NYC safe parking services.

Rules continue to change as new developments on the pandemic are released. That means finding a reliable parking spot is becoming increasingly complicated. A monthly parking solution can eliminate uncertainty and make life less stressful in NYC.