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Yes – please select the Delete Account option in the IconGo Menu. Deleting your account will delete your IconGo App account, and any personal data relating to the IconGo App. Information that is required to be maintained such as financial information will be retained by Icon.

If you choose to delete your iconGO Mobile App Account and want to forego your personal access to instant navigation directions, simple book & pay daily reservations, monthly account management, special offers, and all Icon Parking benefits, you may simply select the Delete Account option in the iconGo Menu. By deleting your iconGo Mobile App account your account will be deleted, and any personal historical data relating to the iconGo App that are required to be maintained such as financial/transactional information will be retained by Icon Parking Holdings, LLC.

Yes! Once you register for an account on either our website or IconGO the same login credentials can be used across both platforms. In addition, all reservations purchased will automatically appear in your account on the IconGO app and vice versa. However, note that monthly parking account support is not currently provided on the app.

Yes! When you share your personal referral link located on the Icon Go app, and your friends sign up and book their first reservation using your link, a $10 credit will automatically be added to your account for future use!  

Your link and unique referral code can be found by clicking on REFER A FRIEND in the IconGO menu. You can share through text, email or social media. There is no limit to the amount of 

credits you can earn. Start sharing today and watch the credits roll in!

Typically no. You will have to speak to the attendant on duty before the vehicle is parked, so that they can determine if your vehicle can be accommodated in a space that is easily accessible. Please note, this is not always possible nor guaranteed.