Earth Day Eco-Tips From Icon and Quik Park

Getting from Point A to Point B in our vehicles is a major part of our daily rhythm. As we celebrate Earth Day here at Icon and Quik Park, we are pleased to share a few eco-friendly driving tips to use wherever your travels may take you.

  • With traffic starting and stopping across New York City tires can feel wear and tear. Help improve your tires’ longevity by keeping them properly inflated. This also can help improve mileage by over 3%.
  • Make sure you take good care of your vehicle’s engine as well. Keeping your engine properly maintained can improve your gas mileage by up to 4%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • There is added benefit to following the speed limit – did you know that once your vehicle exceeds 60 MPH, each 5 MPH over that equals approximately 10 extra cents per gallon? Have good sense and cents, for safety, the earth, and your wallet.
  • Are you considering buying an environmentally friendly electric vehicle (“EV”)? Learn about current electric vehicles on the Electric Drive Transportation Association website ( Icon and Quik Park are pleased to share that over 65 of our facilities feature Tesla and/or universal electric vehicle charging capabilities.

While we celebrate Earth Day, also save some green in your wallet by taking advantage of Icon and Quik Park’s online discounted reservation rates. With your savings you could add something to your garden (even if your garden is on a windowsill in NYC!).

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We are pleased to announce that for any Icon and Quik Park locations temporarily impacted or inaccessible due to these events, any prepaid reservations or coupons will be honored at any of our other 300+ locations.