Promo Codes and Credits

Currently, credits are offered through our IconGO Refer a Friend program. When you share your personal referral link located on the Icon Go app, a $10 credit will automatically be added to your account for future use when your friends sign up using your referral link and make their first reservation.

Your link and unique referral code can be found by clicking on REFER A FRIEND in the IconGO menu. You can share through text, email, or social media. There is no limit to the amount of
credits you can earn. Start sharing today and watch the credits roll in!

You can apply a promo code before you book on the website or the IconGO app. On the website, log in and go to MY ACCOUNT, then MY PROMO CODES, and then enter your code under SAVE PROMO CODE. To enter a promo code in the IconGO app, from the main menu, select MY PROMO CODES AND CREDITS, and you will see a button at the bottom of your screen that reads ADD PROMO CODE. Select that button, and you will be able to add a promo code for future use.

You also can enter the code on the checkout page where it says PROMO CODE (optional) and pressing APPLY before you book. The total price of the reservation should reflect the promo code. Note, in some instances, promo codes in online ads will enable you to directly pre-populate the promotion just by clicking on the promotion. Sit back, search and save!

Promo codes are regularly featured in our advertisements and sent out by our marketing team to our users. As long as you have an Icon account or are signed up for our mailing list, you’ll receive our emails, including ones that contain promo codes, discounts, and other savings! Promo codes offered include dollar, percentage, and other types of savings. Note that promo codes are subject to the usage restrictions listed in the advertisement.